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IHM Ahmedabad and India Tourism organized Culinary Heritage of Western India

A K Singh Principal IHM Mumbai and Neela Lad RD India Tourism lighting inaugural lamp

Heritage Culinary Confluence 2019

Institute of hotel Management Ahmedabad (IHMA) in association with India Tourism Mumbai showcased the rich culinary heritage of Western India “Paschim Bharat”, namely The heritage culinary confluence 2019. The event was organized at their Gandhinagar premises on 19th October 2019.

The heritage culinary confluence 2019 was conceptualized to promote Western India delicacies. This initiative brought in faculty and students from IHM Bhopal, IHM Goa, and IHM Mumbai to IHM Ahmedabad together for a common cause. The host institute dished out Gujarati as well as Chhattisgarhi delicacies. The extensive spread saw traditional dishes many synonymous with the respective state cuisines Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Chhattisgarh.

The event was inaugurated by the Regional Director; India Tourism,Mumbai, Neela Lad, Former Principal IHM Ahmedabad Salil Chatterjee, Vice President Madhubhan Resorts & Spa, Himanshu Gurung along with Principal IHM Ahmedabad Dr. J.K.Mangaraj – who conceptualized the theme and initiated the cause of the program.

Students performing dance act during the event

This event saw an eye-catching cultural start, with videos showcasing the State Cuisines and respective IHMs who have come together for this event. It was beautifully designed by IHM Ahmedabad. There were two dance performances by the students of IHM Ahmedabad (1) Mangala Gauri Khel – Maharastrian Dance performance and (2) Arvachin Garba – Gujarati Dance Performance, which left the audience mesmerized.

Dr Mangaraj, Principal IHMA, talking on the occasion welcomed all the stakeholders present. He emphasized on the cultural diversity and the need to organize an event to spread awareness of cuisines preferences which by large are not the customer’s first choice. He added that the association of India Tourism and the presence of Neela Lad and A.K.Singh, Principal IHM Mumbai, underline the importance of the getting together the cuisines of Western India under a common roof. Even when the institutes have been busy with academics and various govt run programs, this collaboration was preferred on a priority basis and executed within a very short period. The chefs of IHM Ahmedabad judiciously planned the balance considering all the five cuisines to be dished out at one special occasion. It is imperative that apart from offering a great time, this event should be instrumental in establishing a platform for food lovers, critics, connoisseurs, academia, industry, local people and students to know about Indian cuisine in totality through food festivals like this.

Neela Lad, Regional Director India Tourism Mumbai further illustrated on our own likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Given an option we have our restricted patent choice of items but how often do we manage to trespass the less popular cuisines that exist but are not known. She expressed gratitude to Principal IHM Ahmedabad for his immediate positive response and also appreciated to have it conceptualized ad executed in a short span of time. She narrated an instance when she had been to Chhattisgarh and prompted the service providers to serve her the local delicacies, which she authenticates to be one which everyone should try. She also insisted that attending today’s function is just a beginning and other IHMS and forums should replicate this model with different combinations of state cuisines to make this concept a fruitful exercise. 

Speaking on the occasion Principal Mr. A.K.Singh as Chief Guest was delighted to have his team as a part of his event. He spoke on the promotion of food festivals and the way it can reach to people. He said these platforms provide an interactive culture amongst IHMs to work together. He added the experts who can best showcase their states cuisines can help others and aid learning of skill and knowledge as a take away from the event. He wished the food festival a great success.

Principal A K Singh relishing Goan delicacies with other guests

The teams displayed an extravagant array of specialty dishes that exceptionally all guests present thoroughly enjoyed. The guests included eminent personalities from the Govt of Gujarat, hospitality fraternity, food connoisseur, and academia and were also open to the local people. The event was successful in sharing the culinary legacy India possesses. All guests present on the occasion were very happy to taste all the cuisines at a common platform, with some of the dishes they have not even heard of. A tasty evening to remember for times to come. Similar concept food festivals can be replicated at different forums and institutes thereby spreading the culinary confluence.



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