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Shravan Yatra goes on at Diva Maharashtracha

Shravan Fasting Thali

Those who are looking for perfect shravan delicacies in holy month of shravan have reason to cheer. Diva Maharashtracha, a prominent award winning restaurant is offering perfect shravan delicacies.

Master Chef Deepa with Suhas Awchat in traditional Peshwa attire

The menu pioneered & concocted by Master Chef Deepa Suhas Awchat is just right and elaborate with many “for the first time over in Mumbai” delicacies introduced every day with new homemade recipes originating from the kitchens of Goa & Maharashtra and are not available in any restaurant in Mumbai.

Some of the yummy delicacies from menu comprised of Soups: Green Peas Potato Soup, Tomato Saar. Starters : Tender Coconut and Sago basket, Four Flour Thalipeeth, Sabudana Thalipeeth, Sabudana Vada with Curd Chutney and Farali Kachori. Other delicacies includes: Green Chutney Baskets, Potato and Paneer Sesame Cutlets, Capsicum and Corn Pattice. Main course: Khappa Sukha Bhaji, Moong & Cashew Usal, Watanyachi Oli & Sukhi Usal, Pineapple Amti  Suran, Sabudana & shengada Rassa, Khobra Jeera Varan. Rice dishes: Masale Bhat and Sabudana Khichdi. Desserts include Dates and Sweet potato Halwa, Paushtik Modak, Sabudana Sweet potato Kheer, Banana Toffee and Sweet Potato Delight.

It may be noted that Diva Maharashtracha is celebrating this festival for last 17 years. In 2018, they presented the 108 vegetarian dishes from their two  renowned triple restaurants ‘Goa Portuguesa’, Diva Maharashtracha and ‘Dakshin Culture Curry’ which came to be popularly known as “Shraavan Yatra”. Also for the first time Diva Maharashtracha is offering traditional Maharashtrian & Hindu Goan delicacies not available in any commercial establishment in Mumbai as there was a long standing demand by taste-bud connoisseurs & foodies.

What: A full course Shravan Fasting Thali
Where: Goa Portuguesa – Dakshin Culture Curry – Diva Maharashtracha
How Much: Shravan Fasting Thali Rs. 545/-
Available during this festival in a traditional ambiance with live music.
Matunga (W): Opp Mahim H.P.O.
Tel: 022-24440202/0707
Andheri (W): Lokhandwala, Versova Tele Exchange Andheri W
Tel: 022-26313222 /777 Mobile: 9167096460
Special Offer: Also available is A la Cartè Shravan delicacies cooked in healthy Olive oil & Satvik wines.


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