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Indonesian Consul General holds Iftar Dinner in Mumbai

People relishing Indonesian delicacies at Iftar dinner

His Excellency Ade Sukendar, Consul General of Indonesia in Mumbai, hosted the Iftar Dinner during the ongoing holy month of Ramadan. Over 40 people, including Indonesian diplomats, staff and family of the Indonesian Consulate, prominent personalities from Indonesia participated in this event. There were media personnel also attended the event. The iftar dinner was organized at the CG’s official residence at Altamount Road in Mumbai.

His Excellency Ade Sukendar, CG of Indonesia in Mumbai with his wife

Before breaking the fast he wished everyone present best wishes for Ramadan. The crowd broke the fast with dates, fruits and sherbet. It was a pleasant atmosphere. Soon after the breaking the fast with dry fruits CG and other people attended prayer meeting. The main course of dinner followed after the prayer. There were prominent Indonesian delicacies were displayed on buffet table. It may be noted that Idul Fitri, more commonly referred to in Indonesia as Lebaran, is the celebration that comes at the end of the Muslim month of fasting.

Speaking to this correspondent about the importance of Ramadan, Consul General of Indonesia in Mumbai, Ade Sukendar said “In Indonesia Muslim families mark the beginning of the holy month by visiting cemeteries to clean their relatives’ graves. The people welcomes the holy month of Ramadan by cleaning relatives’ graves, sharing food with poor and holding colorful torch-lit street parades”.

CG further added “In Indonesia, it’s a tradition that we must follow. Before the fasting month begins we usually visit each other, but we don’t only visit the living ones, we also visit the dead. On the streets, small business owners set up tents to sell flowers and decorative to tourists and locals. These flowers are also bought by families who wish to scatter petals on their relatives’ graves”.

Group photo of people attended CG’s Iftar dinner

There was elaborate buffet was set up that included The starters were consisted of starters Mixed Fruit, Dates, Indonesian traditional Snack (Kue Cucur, Bintul, Bakwan Jagung, Bolu Kukus),  Chicken Spring Roll, Es Cendol and Kolak Pisang. The soup served was Bakso Malang (Meatball with Noodles and Rice Noodles). Main Course consisted of Gulai Kambing, Capcay and Semur Tahu Kentang. It may be noted that Indonesian Embassies and Consulate all over the world have a tradition of holding Iftar dinner every year.


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