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Quench your thirst with a Beer Tour Experience: Mumbai’s first Beer Brewery Tour Launched at Thirsty City 127

Vairities of Draft Beer on display at Thirsty City

World’s Leading Brewer Alex Barlow leads Brewery tour

Beer lovers in Mumbai have reason to cheer. Mumbai has become the first city in India to introduce the new concept of a brewery tour. Thirsty City 127 (TC127) a modern micro-brewery at Lower Parel in Mumbai leads the race. The craft brewery tour at TC 127 is similar to the craze of the chocolate factories in Switzerland. You should be rest assured; this tour too would be a massive attraction to patrons. Enjoy a selection of classic beers and discover how this venue has embraced the movement which would be an example for others to follow the suit.

Akriti Agarwal CEO of Thirsty City has launched this concept with globally prominent Master Brewer Alex Barlow, an independent brewing consultant and author of the award-winning ALL BEER Guide; he is a part of prominent concept. This brewery tour at Thirsty City will provide a first-hand insight on how breweries really work, and what goes into creating your favourite brews. Alex Barlow is especially flown in from UK to curate this experience, and will take you through this exclusive experience. It may be noted that Mumbai market for craft beers is indeed more open, not only in terms of flavour profiles but the city’s weather allows the consumption of chilled craft beer all year round.


Learn the correct way to ‘taste’ beer and discover why the flavors are often just as, if not more complex then wine. Various concepts are part of Brewing Journey that includes How to taste beer. Alex or a head brewer will talk you though the key sensory differentiators that distinguishes beer tasting from that of other drinks. The impact of Sight and Sound, The balance of Aroma, Taste & Mouthfeel. The importance of their specialist ‘Teku’ tasting glass and demonstrated by comparative tasting with regular beer glasses.

Alex Barlow at Thirsty City Brewery plant


There are Special brew recipes devised around availability of seasonal ingredients.  While Alex talks you through the concept, TC127 will whet your appetite for what’s to come with a tasty drop and morsel. One of TC127 flagship beers, ‘Sexy Pig’ is representative of their ethos, vibrant, flavoursome and tuned to the local palate exhibiting local ingredients in a modern interpretation of a classic European beer style. Served with avocado ceviche on a dainty taco base, this perfect combination will leave you eager for more.


The tour of brewery will take approximately 45 minutes to experience exclusive brewery entourage. It is available at a fixed price of Rs. 2500 plus taxes to travel along with Alex Barlow. Whereas, journey with head brewer will cost at Rs. 2000 plus taxes. The journey of brewery will be held on Thursday and Friday at 5 p.m.

Alex Barlow with Amol Pawar at Beer dispenser


I enjoyed my brewery tour with Alex Barlow who explained every distinctions of Beer tasting offered to me. It was a complete comprehensive journey paired with exclusive dishes designed to go well with it. The Beer which I tasted included Happy, Sexy pig, Simona, Kickass, Lennox IPA, Ninja Stout, Cider, Saison of Lovers and Black Jamun Porter. As a perfectionist, Alex shared minute details of brewery which left me aghast to ask any more question. I would advise to visit TC 127 and enjoy Brewery Journey.


At Thirsty City, the brewing oversight and beer program is created by Alex Barlow, Master Brewer. Alex Barlow is an independent brewing consultant and author of the award-winning ALL BEER Guide. A qualified Master Brewer with 30 years of trade experience, he is passionately knowledgeable about beer flavour, brewing, dispense and food pairing. Alex is also the Director of Training and Chief Examiner for the national Beer Academy, the educational arm of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD).

Where: Thirsty City 127-Todi Mill Estate Lower Parel
When: Every Thursday & Friday
Price: Brewery tour with Alex Barlow – Rs. 2500 plus taxes
Brewery tour with Head Brewer – Rs. 2000 plus taxes
Contact: 91369 42030 or book tickets on https://insider.in/brewery-tour-at-mumbais-first-microbrewery-2019/event


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