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A complete vegetarian culinary school gaining momentum at Andheri

Students in Practical session in studio with Jyoti Rajput & Chef.

The world is turning vegetarian slowly and gradually. In India, millions of people who neither touch eggs nor use it in their food. But they are the people who want to try out eggless dishes from starters to desserts. There are many cookery classes but hardly they have vegetarian dishes minus eggs. Now, those who prefer to learn vegetarian dishes, have reason to cheer, Just Apptite Culinary School has answer to all your needs.

Just Apptite Culinary School extends well beyond an average cookery school; it is in effect a lifestyle centre. Strategically placed at J B Nagar in Andheri East, the establishment teaches a wide range of Indian and international recipes with expert chefs from the concerned cuisine.

Students displaying their finished product with Jyoti Rajput (C).

The school is run and managed by mother and daughter duo namely Jyoti and Aakanksha Rajput. The school was originally started in 2003 by Jyoti and her husband Avinash Rajput, who is a well-known Chef and has a vide experience in culinary field. Avinash Rajput is placed in a bigger role in London. Now, school is managed by Jyoti Rajput along with her daughter. As of now more than 1000 studnts have partaken in different courses whereas more than 200 cooking classes already done. There are more than 20 chefs and skilled professional impart culinary knowledge.

Journey from single table to high tech studio:

Initially cooking workshop was first conducted on a table, at their own residence. The idea was to converge the love for food with excellence, and to deliver the same, they invited chefs from renowned hotels to coaching students. Starting from one workshop a month, now they have reached to a pace of conducting 6 weeks Certificate Courses. The students who are a part of course are trained in high tech studio which has designed as per international standard.

Future strategies:

After conducting 6 weeks Certificate Courses, soon they are planning to introduce certified courses which will be affiliated to International universities. They have a plan to support the skilled development programme of government and support the students who want to develop the skill to become future chefs. (It is only skilled development). This step would help students to get skilled jobs in kitchen and kick-start their careers in this industry. They would be given International exposure in many countries to enhance their culinary skills.There are lot more in the store, for all the food lovers, learners and amateurs.

Ancillary services:   

As their products are highly appreciable and has got a word to mouth publicity from their students, they are expanding their wings in another arena too. Taking one step at a time, alongside the workshops, they also undertake corporate and other orders for exclusive handcraft goodies which are prepared in house. They make all arrangements for birthday parties, special events like bachelor’s parties, graduation parties, baby showers, gatherings to celebrate success in work or sports and other important moments of your lives.

Jyoti Rajput says “Our greatest strength has been our clients who have always presented themselves and been an active participant at all our workshops and only given us the best of reviews. They are, what has encouraged us to keep introducing newer concepts and evolve professionally”.

Jyoti further added, “For us the cookery class is just one element; how you deliver, present, organise a party at home and impress every guests with classic dishes from starters to main course and dessert. The school has a special place amongst locals and numbers of students are growing manifold. Today, we have the professional space to dream bigger and deliver better, which, with more support will not be impossible to attain”.

About Just Appetite Culinary School:

Just Appetite Culinary School offers small class sizes that enables them to put emphasis on teaching. It’s a culinary experience in a relaxed atmosphere full of irresistible flavors, surprising information and joy from successful creations. Accompanied by aromas from all over the world, for a few hours you will become chefs and artists and, above all, head tasters.

Contact: 9004686405/ 9769214090 – Website www.justappetite.com



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