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Culinary Diplomacy: Sri Lankan CG promotes tourism through cuisine

Ministry of Crab restaurant at Khar in Mumbai
Organising Banquet for High Profile People at Ministry at Crab
To promote tourism is a major objective of Consulates and Embassies at national and local levels. Keeping that in mind, Consul General (CG) of Sri Lanka in Mumbai Chamari Rodrigo is committed on promoting Sri Lankan tourism through culinary. On recently opening of Sri Lanka’s top seafood restaurant Ministry of Crab in Mumbai; she is leaving no stone unturned to promote Sri Lankan tourism through cuisine and attract more tourists to visit the country.
In her dinner diplomacy, CG of Sri Lanka has arranged exclusive dinner banquet at
Ministry of Crab on March 1st, 2019. She has invited selected top brass to attend the event; this top brass includes Consul Generals of many countries and diplomats, entrepreneur, top officials and selected media journalists.

It may be noted that recently The Leela Mumbai hosted the Sri Lankan food festival in association with the Sri Lankan Consulate which was well appreciated by Mumbai foodies. They had Deshbandu Publis Silva, Master Chef, Mount Lavinia Hotel, Sri Lanka who came and took over the kitchens at The Leela for a couple of days.

Consul General of Sri Lanka in Mumbai Chamari Rodrigo

Consul General of Sri Lanka in Mumbai Chamari Rodrigo said “Ministry of Crab is well appreciated and well patronised restaurant in Colombo. It is a one of the most renowned restaurants with the longest reservation lists. One has to book a table at least a month in advance and has to place the order in advance too. Dining in it is a different kind of experience altogether”.

“We are committed to promote Sri Lankan cuisine which is well appreciated across the globe. It is also a part of tourism promotion of our country. Gastronomic tourism is an emerging phenomenon that is being developed as a new tourism product, due to the fact that over a third of tourist spending is devoted to food. Gastronomic tourism  motivates tourists  to enjoy  both food  and  unforgettable  dining  experience  at  the  same time. There is a well-known statement, to know better the culture of the country – taste it”.

It may be noted that Gastronomic tourism is a new trend in the development of world tourism which may serve as a fuel for development of economy, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism growth.

About Ministry of Crab:

Ministry of Crab is Sri Lanka’s most sought after dining destination. It was launched in Mumbai on 9th February with much fanfare, located at 14th Road Khar West, Mumbai. The restaurant is the brainchild of celebrated chef and restaurateur Dharshan Munidasa, who partnered with Sri Lankan Cricketing Legends Mahela Jayawardane and Kumar Sangakkara. It was launched in Mumbai on 9th February 2019 and is one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants since 2015. The restaurant serves crabs range from 500g ‘Small’ crabs to 2KG ‘Crabzillas’ and the restaurant employs a daring no-freezer policy, sourcing all its produce from Sri Lanka. Enjoy oysters, clams, fresh water prawns and the famous crabs (lagoon crabs) from Sri Lanka.


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