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World’s Tallest Gin Bar Opened in Lebua Bangkok

No.3 world's tallest Gin Bar located on 52nd floor at Lebua Bangkok

Deepak Ohri, High profile Chief Executive Officer of Lebua hotel Bangkok has crossed one more milestone. He has just launched world’s tallest Gin, vodka and caviar bar namely Lebua No.3. The Gin Bar is also featuring exclusive special-edition Absolut Elyx. It is worth mentioning that first time in the vodka brand’s 140-year history that it has crafted a unique blend for a partner. One should not miss an opportunity to visit No. 3, once in Bangkok.

Lebua No.3, the world’s tallest Gin, Caviar & Vodka Bar, located on 52nd floor of Tower Club at lebua. The stylish, high-tech venue offers marvellous views of the Chao Phraya River and city skyline, while bringing its unique blend of creative cocktails, fantastic food and late-night parties to the town. Upon arrival at lebua No. 3, guests are greeted by an elegantly lit spiral staircase, leading into three distinct spaces, each one dedicated to serving separate gin, caviar or vodka offerings.

The New Delhi native Deepak Ohri has widely been hailed as a visionary is not stopping to admire the success he has wrought on the 52nd floor of the Tower Club at Lebua. No. 3 bar brings Ohri’s “caviar goes casual” concept to life, drawing from the lebua ethos of affordable luxury for all. He recommends indulging in the entire caviar serving, plated on a Himalayan-salt spoon, followed by a shot of vodka for the perfect pairing. Expert bartenders craft innovative gin and vodka cocktails, playing up unique ingredients including caviar air as a finishing touch, yuzu juice, Darjeeling & curry syrup, Thai Chili to name a few.

Special-edition Absolut Elyx exclusively created for No. 3

It maybe noted that Gin Bar is a new phenomenon globally. Every now and than new Gin bars are opened in leading hotels across the globe.The turnaround in Gin bar has seen tremendous upward trend. No other drink has had such an image turnaround as gin. Such are the currently booming sales of the spirit in the world. The drinks industry is now talking about a second “gin craze”. The first “gin craze” was during the first half of the 18th century in the UK when such was the over consumption of the then cheap and easily available alcoholic spirit that parliament had to step in with legislation that aimed to control its availability. Now the biggest growth sector in drink sales in many part of the world, gin has stepped out of vodka’s shadow, had a craft-style makeover and is going after – and getting – the youth market.

Deepak Ohri CEO Lebua Hotels on the opening of Lebua No.3, says, “In this world everyone wants to feel as a VIP, we are here to give them same feelings.The logic is to create an experience; we’re making people’s dreams a reality. What people see and desire, we’re giving to them in reality.  The glassware we’re using at Lebua No. 3 is the kind you see in movies. When you watch a movie and there’s a scene where the guy’s pouring a nice scotch into a glass, you also have the urge to do that. This is how emotions work”.  He adds “We are not opening bars; the day we start selling gin, vodka and caviar, we’d be out of business. We are giving people the experience that they always wanted to have”.

Deepak Ohri, High profile Chief Executive Officer of Lebua hotel Bangkok

About Deepak Ohri: Deepak Ohri is a hotel management graduate from Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (IHM) Chennai in India, 1985-88 batch. He completed his MBA from prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Banglore, 1998-99 batch. He has worked for India’s leading hotel brands like Taj group, The Leela group, ITDC Ashok and The Oberoi hotel chains. He became Lebua’s first employee in 2003. He is noted for rebranding the ailing Meritus hotel as the all-suite Lebua at State Tower in 2006. Against the odds, he turned the business around in the midst of a global recession. Occupancy rates are now at 88 per cent. A record 1,200 customers visit the Dome daily. He is the mastermind behind the Dome at Lebua, dining and bar complex which has become Bangkok’s top luxury epicurean destination with its breathtaking collection of F&B establishments. Mezzaluna, Siroco, Breeze, Flute, Alfresco 64, Distil and Sky Bar. (It is well known for being one of the most glamorous settings in movie, The Hangover Part II). Ohri popularised the notion of open-air rooftop dining and drinking before anyone else in Bangkok, offering exclusive experience that cannot be matched. There’s no stopping the ambitions of this modern-day Midas who is blessed with an entrepreneurial zeal.

About Lebua No.3: Lebua No. 3 has been tastefully created by DWP, an award-winning global architecture and design company. When designing lebua No. 3, the team took exclusivity one step further and curated the brand’s first album in partnership with chart-topping international music producer, Andrew Murray, who has worked with the likes of John Legend and Jennifer Hudson. The track will be played nightly by No.3’s DJ in residence, and will also available for download. No.3 also features the world’s first P4 digital retina-display dance floor, which connects the indoor vodka bar with the outdoor caviar and vodka bars. Bespoke furniture, high-performance digital sound and a 131-feet tropical green wall completes this three-in-one establishment’s design.

Lebua No.3

Lebua State Tower, Bangkok
Open every night from 6pm to 1am.
Contact: (+66) 2624-9555. 


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