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Blueberries from USA launched in Mumbai at Glocal Junction

Donald Van Werken, Raj kapoor (US BlueBerrys Council), Nitin Nagrale (VP Foodlink), Dinesh Shinde and Teckbahadur Sarke (Procurement Manager Sahara Star hotel) at Blueberries launch.

Mumbai witnessed a leading celebrity gathering during the launch of blueberries from USA in Mumbai launch. The Blueberry launch event was held at at Glocal Junction, Andheri, Mumbai on February 5, 2019. The blueberries in India are launched by Anusaya Fresh, one of the leading distributors of frozen blueberries from USA in India. They have tied up with the US’ JD Farms and Rajiv Khinchi for the Blueberry Cocktail launch, which will is supported by US High Bush Blueberry Council.

Donald Van De Werken, proprietor, JD Farms, commenting on the growth of US blueberry in India, said, “India is a huge market. We are coming to Mumbai which has a huge potential. The demand for blueberries in India is growing, and we believe that the Indian market is ready to embrace the fruit, given its unique combination of being sweet and crunchy, not to mention, its extremely good shelf life.”

Rajiv Uttam-Head Of Operation Anusaya Bangalore displaying US Blueberries

Dinesh Shinde, founder and director, Anusaya Fresh, India Pvt, Ltd, said, “We are glad to bring USA blueberries to the Indian market. The event is to highlight blueberries in cocktails, and just the first of several promotions for 2019 involving USA blueberries.”

Sanjay Vazirani, Founder and Chairman –Foodlink, says “We were thrilled to host the Blueberry Cocktail Launch with the US Blueberry Council. It gives us great pleasure to introduce mouth-watering recipes with new textures and flavors of blueberry. Through the event, we intended to introduce our customers to the different varieties and tastes of this versatile superfood in our dishes.”

About US Blueberries: USA blueberries actively promote a healthy lifestyle. They have been available in India for five years. Thanks to the health benefits and taste of the fruit, it has lead to a rapid growth and popularity in different regions of India. Blueberries are a healthy alternative to sugar snacks and have a number of uses in foods and drinks. It is largely consumed in the form of yoghurt, juices, cakes, pastries, wines and ciders.


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