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Celebrity Chef Tiffany Derry brings flavours to cooking demo at IHM Mumbai

Celebrity Chef Tiffany Derry demonstrating in IHM Mumbai Kitchen and Students are engrossed in watching live demo of Chef Tiffany.

It was cheerful atmosphere amongst the students of IHM Mumbai as worldwide popular celebrity chef Tiffany Derry entered the chocobloc kitchen of College. Chef Tiffany was here on Monday morning to demonstrate live cookery in college premises. Chef Tiffany Derry conducted a demonstration session on American cuisine for the students on 4th February 2019.

Chef Derry demonstrated three famous American dishes; Fried Creole chicken with West Indies hot sauce, Goat cheese stuffed fried green tomatoes with pica de gallo and Strawberry cheesecake. Chef Derry replied to all the questions raised by enthusiastic students.

A cookery demonstration is a great way to engage and educate an audience. Chef Tiffany’s cookery demonstration provided an enjoyable and successful experience attracting almost all stdents and faculty members of the college. She brought her own brand of expertise combined with an engaging personality to present a wonderful morning of food demonstration. She won the crowd over with her warm sense of humour and everlasting smile. The students couldn’t be happier with choice of celebrity chef.

Arun Kumar Singh, Principal IHM Mumbai says “The students as well as the faculty members of the institute were eager and excited to interact with her. As a celebrity chef, what made her stand apart was her confidence in cooking and presenting her dishes which were not only delicious to taste but were also was a feast to the eyes. She prepared the dishes in such a way that they were simple to understand from the student’s perspective.

He further elaborated “The students had a memorable experience watching Chef Derry showcase her culinary skills which will definitely help them to become future chef of the food industry. Chef Derry truly believes in delivering flavorful, consistent, restaurant-style food which involved cooking techniques that use local available ingredients in their purest form”.

About Chef Tiffany Derry: Based in Dallas, Texas, Tiffany is an American celebrity chef who is known for her stints on reality TV shows like Top Chef, Top Chef Junior, Hungry Investors and Bar Rescue. Derry has mastered her culinary skills and is a well-established name in the world of food.


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