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Beetroot Ravioli with Balsamic Pearls: Recipe by Chef Anshul Sethi


Recipe by: Chef Anshul Sethi – Fortune Park Lake City, Thane (Operations Manager/ Executive Chef)

S No Ingredients Quantity
1 Thin Slice Beetroot 12 No.
2 Salt TT
3 Olive Oil 10ml
4 Crush Pepper 2 gm
5 Mustard Powder 2 gm
6 Lemon Juice 10 ml
7 Ricotta 80gm
8 Orange Slice 1No.
9 Cheery Tomato 5gm
10 Balsamic Vinegar 15 gm
11 Honey 35 gm
12 Orange Crush 30ml
13 Maicro Greens 2gm
14 Ice Berg Lettuce 10gm
15 Chives 5gm


  • Peel the beets (the skins will slip right off) and slice into thin rounds using a mandoline or sharp knife.
  • Marinated Beetroot Slice with Salt, Pepper, Mustard, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil.
  • Take Cheese add Fine Choped Chives
  • Arrange 6 slice Beetroot, Dollop a teaspoon of Ricotta in the center of each Beetroot slice and covered with another 6 slice of Beetroot.


  • Heat the balsamic vinegar & honey in a non stick pan till one string consistency.
  • Slice Orange, Balsamic Pearls and Microgreens on top.
  • Reduce Orange Crush in a non stick pan till one string consistency.

Plate Presentation:

  • Take a Pasta Plate drizzle Balasamic and orange reducetion.
  • Arrange Beet Ravioli in Round Shape.
  • Topped with micro greens and orange slice.

About Chef Anshul Sethi:

Chef Anshul Sethi, born in Ferozepur, Punjab and raised in Delhi. He was fascinated about cooking right from his childhood. He almost immediately started gaining kitchen experience from his grandmother. As a youngster he had a stronger affinity for the lures of the kitchen than anything else, which made him decide to pursue his love for cooking full time.

He completed his catering education from Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal. He did his basic schooling from Mira Model School, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

After graduating from Catering College, he joined the Kitchen Training program at Fortune Park Hotels Ltd, ITC group. He began his carrier with Fortune Park Klassik hotel at Ludhiana. Soon after completing the training programme, he was promoted to the Corporate Head Quarters of Fortune as a Chef Operation Associate and gaining further experience.  He was majorly involved in the pre-opening stage of about 17 units, designing and setting up kitchens. After seeing his outstanding performance, five years later he was posted as an Executive Chef in Fortune Park Lake City, Thane. It was a first branded hotel in Thane.

Besides being a professional chef, he is an active participant of Food industry. He is also associated with the Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) and Western Indian Culinary Association (WICA) since the past few years. He has participated in various culinary competitions around the country and looking forward to gain further exposure if any opportunity comes his way.

Though nobody from his family is in the chef’s profession, but with his success many from family takes his advice and guidance. He was inspired by his grandmother, who was very well known for her culinary skills in a small town of Ferozepur in Punjab. For him, cooking is an art and science and one needs to understand the nuances of it. Cooking comes from ones heart and you need to put your hundred percent to it.

Fortune Park Lake City hotel in city of lakes is a first and only branded hotel in Lake City of Thane. It is prominently located in Jupiter hospital complex. The hotel consists of fifty-eight rooms and serves exclusively vegetarian food in its restaurant called “Rainbow” which is one of the most sought after restaurant. Non Vegetarian Food is served at “Fortune Deli” another branded restaurant of Fortune Hotels.

Chef Anshul has opened 17 hotels of Fortune in various Cities like Lavasa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, etc. He has also been instrumental in promoting branded cuisines namely- Zodiac, Nakshatra, Earthen Oven, Fortune Deli, Rainbow under the flagship of Fortune Park Hotels.

In his belief, there are too many ingredients which we actually don’t use when they are in a restaurant where both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are prepared. It was a challenge initially when he joined, but after few months, his mind was set for a vegetarian menu. He could use various ingredients to prepare his menu like turnips, soya, Tindli, local vegetables like laal math to name a few. Preparing delicacies with local vegetables is fun and we continue doing that and the finest product comes out at the end of the day.

In his current position, he managed to get the “Safe Food Destination” certification by TQS Global Management System by a firm, which audits hotels and restaurants globally. It’s an international accredited firm, which very few hotels in India have received. Under his leadership, his kitchen team won the “Kitchen Artist of the year in 2013” given by Indian Culinary Forum which is a part of IFCA.



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