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Millets & Green Gram Kebab – Recipe by Davinder Kumar

Green Gram Kebab

Recipe by : Davinder Kumar V.P. F&B (Production) & Executive Chef Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

An Unusual healthy Kebab, Crafted with Millet, Winter Green Grams & Chia seeds l Cooking time: 10-15mins l Serve 1-2 

Oil                                                 1/2tsp
Nigella Seeds                                  a pinch
Fennel seeds                                   a pinch
Raw Papaya (thinly sliced)               50gms
Water                                             100ml
Sugar                                             80gm
Salt                                                a pinch
Lemon juice                                   1tbsp

Oil                                                 1 tsp
Cumin                                            a pinch
Cinnamon sticks                             2gm
Dal                                                1 tsp
Ginger (chop)                                1/2tsp
Red chili                                        1/2no.
Green chili                                    1/2no.
Beetroot (grated)                          60gm
Salt                                              to taste
Lemon juice                                  1 tsp

Green gram/ chana (cooked)         150 gms
Millet/ Bajra (cooked)                   100 gms
Ginger (chopped)                         ½ tsp
Green chili (chopped)                   ½ tsp
Fresh coriander (chopped)            01 tsp
Garam  masala                           1/3 tsp
Dry Kasurimethi                         ½ tsp
Yellow chili powder                     a pinch
Chia seeds                                02 tbsp
Salt                                          to taste
Refined oil for frying


 1.    For Papaya relish, in pan heat oil, put nigella, fennel seeds, and cook until it crackles. Add papaya and stir well.
2.    Pour water and cover the pan with lid until papaya is cooked, add sugar, salt, lemon juice and reduce further.Remove it from heat and keep it aside.
3.    For Beetroot chutney, heat oil in a pan, put cumin, cinnamon, dal and fry until golden. Then add ginger, red chili, green chili, beetroot, and salt, cook further until slightly tender.
4.    Putin a food processor, blend them well, pour it in a bowl ,add lemon juice an adjust seasoning.

5.    For kebab, put green gram and millet in food processor and make course mince, transfer it in a bowl, add ginger, green chili, coriander, garam masala, kasurimethi, yellow chili powder and salt. Mixwell, check seasoning.
6.    Divide the mixture into 5-6 equal part and make balls. Press each ball between your palm to give a shape of medallion (tikki). Coat each tikki with chia seeds and keep aside.

7.    Heat oil in a non-stick pan, shallow fry the tikkistill golden brown and crisp on both sides, remove it on a kitchen paper.|
8. To serve, arrange the kebab in a serving platter, accompanied with papaya relish and beetroot chutney.

About Chef Davinder Kumar:

Davinder Kumar V.P. F&B (Production) & Executive Chef Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

Chef Davinder Kumar’s experience goes way beyond words. He is not only well known for his great culinary passion, he is also an adventurous food connoisseur, who has travelled around extensively.

President of Indian Culinary Forum for nearly two decades, one of the largest Chef’s Association of India, has played a very important role in popularizing Indian Cuisine across the world, promoting culinary profession, enhancing image of chefs in industry & society at large.

He has authored various cookery books & researched 365 Kebabs. He has been duly recognized and honoured for his numerous professional achievements and contribution to the industry.

He was awarded National Tourism Award for Best Chef of India by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Represented India in the International Cooking Festival held in Tokyo in 1983 and was awarded Gold Prize.

He has done many cookery shows on television and has done numerous food promotions all over globe. He has also cooked for many leading dignitaries from various countries.


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