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First Gin Bar launched in Sofitel Hotel Mumbai

Gin Launch display

Sofitel hotel becomes Mumbai’s first hotel to introduce Gin Bar at their prominent restaurant Jyran. The Gin Bar was officially launched by Biswajit Chakraborty General Manager, Sofitel Hotel Mumbai along with Magandeep Singh, India’s first French-qualified Sommelier TV presenter and wine writer. The launch event was attended by hotel guests and who’s who of Mumbai. Top management of the hotel and team of chef’s were also present during the launch. Numerous vegetarian and non vegetarian starters were served with Gin which was exclusively created to go well with Gin pairing. Executive Chef Neeraj Rawoot and Jyran Head Chef Shadab Qureshi were personally interacting with all the guests. Indeed, it was a classic collection of dishes which went very well with Gin Cocktail’s.

Biswajit Chakraborty General Manager, Sofitel Hotel with Suketu Parekh(L) Radhakrishnan Nair

Notably, it is a one of its kind Gin Bar which stocked 30 vairities top Gin brands from 11 countries. The Gin Menu is designed after extensive research and development.Trained professionals with  astute  knowledge  of  gin  will  garnish  tipple  with  the  perfect combination. Carefully crafted to celebrate the individual character and history of the gin, with the perfect garnish selected to complete the experience, each cocktail will be served in different designed of glasses that are said to trap aromas inside the glass, accentuating the taste of the gin. It is worth mentioning that the Gin cocktail with Tonic was introduced by the army of the British East India Company in India.

Pankaj Wadhwa Director Sales & Marketing with Preeti Jahngiani and Pravin Dabas

Biswajit Chakraborty- General Manager Sofitel hotel said “Globally, Gin Bar’s are making their presence felt in every leading cities of the world. There is a good demand for Gin Cocktails and it has emerged as a latest trend. Sofitel Mumbai is known to introduce growing trends and Gin Bar is one of them. We are trendsetter and I am sure that others will follow our footsteps”.

Pankaj Wadhwa, Magandeep Singh- Somellier, Neeraj Rawoot Executive Chef and Biswajit Chakraborty GM

Manoj Jangid, Food and Beverage Manager Sofitel Mumbai said “Sofitel hotel believes in serving classic collection in beverages as well as best of the global food. Before launching Gin Bar, our food and beverage team did extensive research and development for six months in finalising the menu. We have created a new trend in Mumbai and it is definitely going to rock”.

Management team at the launch

Magandeep Singh Somellier Said “We are offering 30 kinds of Gin from 11 countries with 12 different kinds of tonic. We have put gin in certain orders with different tastes and combination. Gin with Tonic has a great connection with India which is globally accepted. India being a whisky drinker’s country but new generation is switching over to new spirit culture. Gin Bar at Sofitel is first of it’s in India and I am sure people will come forward to enjoy latest trend in wonderful atmosphere”.

Arthur Anderson a guest from hotel who attended the launch event said “I am really delighted to be a part of Gin Bar launch ceremony. It is a progressive sign that Global trends are entering in India. The Gin Bar trend is growing every nook and corner of the world and I am really happy that Sofitel Mumbai has captured latest emerging trend so quickly. Indeed, I will spread its publicity to my friends through social media”.


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