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Portobello Mushroom – Recipe by Michelin Star Chef Manjunath Mural

Portobello Mushroom

Portobello mushroom 5 no.
Seasonal sea vegetable – like Smaphire or Karkalla plant

Potato, boiled 200 gm
Blue cheese 25 gm
Cheddar cheese 75 gm
Garlic, fried 10 gm
Garam masala powder 5 gm
Salt to taste

Refined flour 250gm
Cornflour 100 gm
Salt to taste
Paprika powder

White panko breadcrumbs 300 gm
Black sesame seeds 10 gm
Dipping sauce- ROSELLA PICKLE
Red onion sliced 200 gm
Rosella flowers 100 gm
Mustard seeds 5 gm
Cider vinegar 20 ml
Garam masala powder 10 gm
Jaggery or palm sugar 50 gm
Black pepper 5 gm
Water 200 gm

Kohlrabi 1 no.
Water 400 ml
Vinger white 100 ml
Sugar 150 gm


1.    Wash and clean Portobello mushroom. Remove the stem.
2.    Portobello mushroom Stuffing- In bowl, take boil potato. Mash with hand and add all ingredients of stuffing to make cohesive mixture.
3.    Batter for Coating mushroom- Take a clean bowl. Mix all ingredients.  Gradually add water in mixture and whisk until it become smooth and thick coating batter.
4.    Coating for mushroom- in mixing bowl mix white panko breadcrumbs, black sesame seeds
5.    Fill the mushroom with potato cheese mixture.
6.    Dip the mushroom in batter and coat with crumbs. Keep inside the chillier to cool.
7.    Rosella pickle- Boil all ingredients together in pan on slow flame. Until all ingredients are cooked.  Cool down the pickle and make a fine puree in blender.keep aside
8.    Pickle kohlrabi- Make a gastrique of water and vinegar,give one boil. Peel and clean kohlrabi. Slice fine slices on mandolin. Put in hot gastrique and let it cool down for 1 hour. Once it is cooled, store in chiller.
9.    Portobello mushroom fry in 180*C hot oil until golden brown and crisp. Serve with Rosella pickle and cold pickled kohlrabi slice.

About Chef Manjunath Mural

Chef Manjunath Mural is winner of Michelin Star three years in a row. He is working as Director of Cuisine at The Song of India, a modern Indian restaurant in Singapore. He is the first Michelin Star for Indian Cuisine. Chef Manju, a hardcore Mumbai boy comes from family of doctors; his father, younger brother and sister are in the medical profession. He did his catering education from IHMCTAN Banglore. Initially, his goal was to become a room service manager. His life turning point was in 1996 during a 6 month industrial training for Taj President Hotel in Mumbai. Working in different kitchens, his interest grew and desired to become a chef. After industrial training, he went back to college for a final year and won 2nd place in a cooking competition held in IHMCTAN. He was then selected to represent IHMCTAN to compete in the National level.

Michelin Star Chef Manjunath Mural – Song Of India Singapore

Chef Mural began his culinary journey with The Resort hotel, a five star hotel at Malad in Mumbai. Later he was selected as management trainee at Centaur Hotel Juhu Beach in Mumbai. In Centaur, he had the opportunity to work with renowned Grand Master Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor (Padmashri Awardee and The Guinness World Record holder) and celebrity chef Milind Sovani. After working in Centaur hotel, he worked in Sahara Amby valley, The Retreat hotel at Madh Island in Mumbai and Marriott Renaissance at Powai.After successful stint in Mumbai, on 19 February 2006, Mural joined The Song of India under Celebrity Chef Milind Sovani and never looked back.

Endless list of Awards

Mural led the team from The Song of India to win the bronze medal 2006 in a chefs competition held by the Restaurant association of Singapore. He won gold edal in gourmet hunt Singapore 2007, won Channel News Asia’s award in 2nd place in 2009. He was nominated for World Gourmet Awards, KitchenAid Chef of the Year 2011 and USA Poultry & Egg Export Council Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year. He participated in World Gourmet Summit and also has nominations as best Asian chef of the year, chef of the year, World Gourmet Awards, The Miele Guide’s The 2nd Annual Chef of Chefs Award and awarded People’s Choice award for best Asian chef. He was awarded chef of the month from Cuisine & Wine magazine, he also a participated in the Asian Masters Masterchef Workshop. During the visit of chef Vikas Khanna (Michelin star chef from Junoon New York) to Singapore in 2012, they co-hosted two events ″A Week Long Promotion of Epicurean Delights″ and ″Culinary Sensations at The Song of India. In 2013, Mural was once again invited by Channel News Asia for an interview and cooking demonstration. In April, Mural was invited to participate in World Gourmet Summit 2013 and Savour 2013. Mural was invited to Asian Masters organised by OCBC in November 2013. In May 2014, Buzzoop, an Indian news blog, listed Mural as 11 in their list of Top 15 chefs India 2013.In 2015, Chef Mural was invited as guest chef for SAVOUR held in Shanghai, a gastronomic, regional pop-up event. He was amongst several other Michelin star chefs like Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation (Hong Kong), Laurent Peugeot of Le Charlemagne (France), as well as progressive international stars such as Mads Refslund (co-founder of Noma in Copenhagen and consulting chef for ACME New York).

Hattrick of Michelin Star Journey

In 2016, Chef Mural earned a Michelin star as Executive Chef for Song of India. It is the first time an Indian restaurant in South East Asia has been awarded a Michelin star. In 2017, he once again led his team at The Song of India to garner a Michelin star – still the only Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia to have the honour. In 2018, he led The Song of India to score a hat trick as the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star for the third consecutive year in a row.


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