Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Portobello Mushroom – Recipe by Michelin Star Chef Manjunath Mural

Ingredients: Portobello mushroom 5 no. Seasonal sea vegetable – like Smaphire or Karkalla plant STUFFING: Potato, boiled 200 gm Blue cheese 25 gm Cheddar cheese 75 gm Garlic, fried 10 gm Garam...



Kothimbir Mutton (Coriander Mutton) – Recipe by Chef Ashish Bhasin

Ingredients Mutton - 1 kg. Ghee - 50 ml. Coriander - 200 gm. Onions - 150 gm. Green chillies - 40 gm (can be adjusted as per your spice...

Would you like to relish Dim-Sum: Visit ITC Maratha

Dim – Sum lovers in Mumbai has a reason to cheer. Luxury hotel ITC Maratha is offering exclusive dim sum delicacies at their prominent...
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Designer Amit GT’s signature collection unveiled at Hilton Mumbai

The event was organized in association with Jyotee Balani and Landmark Cars - dealers for Mercedes-Benz The Brasserie restaurant of Hilton Mumbai International Airport was...

Chef Varun Inamdar to organise Cake Marathon at Ahmedabad

The stage is getting equipped as celebrity Chef Varun Inamdar is geared up to hold the cake marathon. This marathon is India's grandest celebration...

Masque Celebrating 999 days

Reinvents Sunday brunch with an all new culinary experience  A prominent restaurant of Mumbai Masque celebrating its 999th day of service on this Sunday -...

Relish Konkani Muslim Ramzan Special at Neel

Konkani Muslim delicacies are rich in its class. It is a part of coastal belt of Mumbai and surrounding areas of Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and...

The Leela Mumbai offers Moplah Cuisine

Popular Jamavar restaurant introduces an exclusive Food Festival You must have heard many cuisines but there are certain popular cuisines which are hidden treasure to...



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